Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I DO NOT work for The Keane Organization!!

I know that, and hopefully most others, if not all, do now too. But it seems that the The Keane Organization may still be a little confused about that!

Just to set the record straight, my employment relationship with Keane came to an end on 18th May 2010.
Apparently, I was on vacation or otherwise unavailable and actually still headed the BRMS division of Keane from 18th May until Mid June according to what Keane was saying verbally, and in published materials. That was not correct. 

I DO NOT work for the Keane Organization, nor do I endorse ANY statements or assertions they make concerning their abilities or qualifications in the area of Risk Management. What is still on their site today, relating to Risk Management may or may NOT be consistent with their experience in Risk Management, but whatever it is, it is nothing that I am associated with. 

I do NOT have any interest, residual or otherwise in the Keane SCORE application. The original application team, including vision, design, and all key application development components is NO longer employed by Keane.  

What I do have going forward is far more interesting....Teuten Risk Consulting is up and running and open for business. Check us out at http://www.teutenriskconsulting.com/.  

We are an outsourcing Risk management and due diligence analysis service with a simple mission: to make you and/or your clients businesses more secure, more defensible, and more transparent to shareholders, regulators, customers, partners and current and prospective stakeholders. 

We are drawing on all our many years of experience to provide a service that is second to none with knowledge and expertise that is unique and unparalleled in the industry. 

What ever it is that Keane are now offering, please be assured that it is NOT anything to do with me personally, or in any other capacity. I sincerely apologize if anyone feels they have been mislead over this issue. However, any such assertions are made without my knowledge and certainly without my permission or endorsement.  

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